Asulprusia, are a young couple, that are married, and work together, This Set they submitted was while they were in Miami, trying to squeeze the place and the warm environment to get inspired and create a lot.


Photographers Elizabeth & Jose Pablo, better known as Asulprusia, are magic together. A couple of 23 year old’s based in Costa Rica, in love, living life to the fullest, and capturing every breathtaking moment of it! In their first feature on Nakid they sent us a down to earth exclusive editorial capturing their youth basking in the light of day. It tells a lot about them as photographers, a blend of existentialism and liberation. They dream of people walking naked through the streets, and living wild as animals. They love people that stop and pay attention to the simplest sensations, enjoying them intensely and fully, which is exactly what they thrive at photographing. Creating bonds between nature and people, their work challenges your mind’s eye and extenuates the very meaning of being young and alive in today’s world.

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