Hikari / Kyoto


A filmic portrait of Kyoto in memory of the late poet

Seattle-based director duo Mindcastle, aka Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger, talk about the film they made in memory of a deceased Japanese poet who found fame online for her touching verses:

“The film is a visual epitaph for a young woman named Hikari-san, who took her own life after struggling with depression. The film speaks to the fragility of life, and we wanted to let her know that people out there are affected by her in a positive way, and also let other people out there struggling know that they are not alone.”

“The film speaks to the fragility of life”

“We wanted to find a way to have Hikari-san’s presence felt within the piece. When written in Kanji, her name Hikari-san (ひかりさん) means ‘light’ (光). The film incorporates light as a subtle yet present visual motif, from candles lit in a shrine to the omnipresent florescent lights seen throughout Kyoto streets at night.”

via nowness.com

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