A love letter to the Japanese expression for a dance of shadows that emerges when sunlight filters through trees

During a three month journey travelling and working on organic farms in Japan, filmmaker Steve Atkins often found himself distracted by the beauty around him. As sunlight filtered through the trees that towered over him, their silhouette gracing the surface beneath or ahead him, he felt repeatedly drawn and connected with the Natural world — an effect of Komorebi performing itself on the peripheries.

There is a magical quality to the animate expression of Nature; a mutual puppet-show hosted between trees, light and wind. “When I paused long enough to take it all in, to share in a humble celebration of Nature’s playfulness, I was gifted with a potent ease,” Atkins shares.

I think Komorebi offers us a chance to reconsider how we see the passing light of each day, to slow down and observe the natural theatre that plays out unseen beside the busyness of our modern lives. A reminder to retrace our sense of place and time, of what is lost when trees are cut down, and buildings built in the path of light.

via nowness.asia

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