Liminal spaces

Places where reality is a bit altered: hallways of polytechnic universities worldwide, empty foggy beaches, Shanghai back alleys at dawn, massive indoor parking lots with no one around, any place that’s supposed to have a lot of people but it doesn’t, getting out of your hotel room at night, underlit empty sport fields, courts or playgrounds, all Brutalist buildings in London, except for the Barbican during the times of massive events, stepping into the morning darkness in winter, flights that land at 4:30 AM, other people’s beds. – Olena Bulygina,

Vegas gas stations at night time or high noon

Quiet trailer parks on a sunny day

Suburban driveways

Seeing a moon when it’s still not dark yet

Small towns right before it gets dark

Shooting ranges in Las Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas

Early September

Knowing you’re not alone at a camping spot in the forest

Arizona motels after sunset

Standing in a close proximity to several burnt trees

unfamiliar mcdonalds on a long road trip

via dark(room) matters

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