[portrait no.23]

Taiwanese photographer Huang Jun Tuan works includes fashion, portrait, fine-art and indie music. His last years exhibtion “Shou” was about “Affection is an initiative, but endurance is a passive cage; without affection, love is just a title of agony.” His upcoming [Portrait No.23] will explore people portraits from Taiwan. “I shoot a lot of friends themed around life and love. This series is part of my series Taiwanese girl’s portrait [Portrait No.23]. All the photos are shot in my studio, and my studio’s house number is 23. That´s why I named it “Portrait No.23.” he explains. “This year I want to expand my series and want to shoot more Taiwanese people, as they are really cool and great people. I want to capture moments of life, love, their story, and not just studio portraits. I want show the beauty of Taiwanese people in order to bring some attention to Taiwan, which is very small country but just full of amazing landscape and incredible people.

Featuring Meng Yu-Lai and Daisy Wang

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