Bella Michlo by Daniel Riley

Former Hungarian ballet dancer, model and influencer
Bella Michlo shot by Daniel Riley

How are you living the quarantine? Fears and dreams?
I need to be very organized and I need to have a routine, otherwise, I would just end up scrolling Instagram all day in my bed while eating junk. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we all need that and just do nothing, but this quarantine is becoming our lifestyle for now, so in order to cope with that and keep sanity I try to follow my planned schedule. I have the same fears as everyone else in these uncertain times, the health and wellbeing of my closest, the fear of losing jobs, rents, the fear to see the world live through and issue that we never experienced in our lifetime… My hope is, that if work through this, and we will, people will keep this mentality and will still pay attention to the people around them.

What is your soundtrack?
Ever since Tame Impala’s new album The Slow Rush came out, I’ve been listening to it back to back.


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