Suntory with ~Keanu


Part 0.

Suntory Time | Suntory Whisky 100th Anniversary Tribute by Sofia Coppola

The Nature and Spirit of Japan: An exploration of Monozukuri with Keanu Reeves
Part 1.

In this episode: From providing life to the forest that stores the foundational materials for traditional Japanese art forms like calligraphy, mask carving, and ceramics, to giving our whiskies their iconic flavors and aroma profiles, we all share our reliance on this hallowed liquid to guide our craft. It all begins with water.

Part 2.

In this episode: Like generations of master artisans who have come before, every stroke, every cut and every drop is made in perfect harmony with the natural materials they work with, mastered by ages of tradition and motivated by the spirit of innovation and self-expression.

Part 3.

In this episode: We discover the values of Japanese craftsmanship that flow through every ingredient, person, and process at the House of Suntory as we continue to explore the history of Japanese whisky.
It is this relentless quest for unattainable perfection that drives every action – from the elegant movements of Kabuki, to the delicate symphonies of flavors and aromas orchestrated by our Chief blender, Shinji Fukuyo – embodied in the true spirit of craftsmanship known as ‘monozukuri’.

Part 4.

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