Wind of Okhotsk pt.2

In 2015 I made a trip to Hokkaido, the most northern island of Japan.
The trip started from Sapporo and at last got to Abashiri, the city located on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea. There is a train named “Okhotsk-no-Kaze (Wind of Okhotsk)” that runs between these two cities, which inspired the name of my project.

In 2018 I back to the island and take the next series of this project..

Then I move to Japan in 2019 and the world changed from the end of that year. I started to re-examine our life circumstances and decided to continue this project again. So this February I back to Hokkaido and finished . New statement of this project is as followed.

It is said that “photographs capture the truth”, but is the image it reflects the true world? I approached this work because I wanted to express the world I created rather than the objective truth.

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