‘Formless’ by Cara Stricker


Cara Stricker’s sensual short film is a love letter to the human form and beyond

Needed now more than ever, the visual and ambient album ‘Formless — Meditations in Music’ is here to help you peacefully tune out, and tune in.i-d.vice

Direction / DP – Cara Stricker
– Nadia Lee Cohen
– Ajani Russell
– Sean Frank
Colour – Sean Coleman of Company 3
Track – ‘two’
Album – ‘Formless – Meditations in Music’

Supported by Kodak Motion Picture and Entertainment
Special Thanks Spectra
Released on Terrible Records
Shot on Kodak Super 8 film

Made from quarantine in partnership with shelter shorts to support World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 food relief efforts.

The film’s dogma is shot independently with no crew, 8mm film, zoom lens for distance, and employed what already existed in the space outside, or in my home. bringing only the camera, lens, film, and tripod.

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